Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus Accidents in Alberta

If you were injured while travelling on a bus in Alberta, you are likely to be entitled to compensation.


Bus accidents are often caused because of the negligence of the driver. Frequently, bus drivers drive too fast on wet, slippery or icy roads. They also cut corners, fail to give way to other road
users, drive too close to other vehicles, and suddenly apply brakes. Bus accidents also happen because other road users were at fault. If you were travelling in a bus and sustained injuries, you are likely a blameless victim of the accident. 


Bus accidents can be quite complicated as there can be many parties involved. Often injured people are not sure who to blame. In these circumstances, it is important to contact our Alberta bus injury lawyer at the Accident Lawyers and speak to an experienced Edmonton personal injury lawyer that can explain to you your rights and entitlements. You do not need to deal with this complex issue by yourself. Let our experienced Alberta bus accident lawyer help you and fight for the compensation you deserve. 



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