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Wrongful Death Cases in Alberta

Has someone in your family been killed due to somebody’s negligence?


Sadly, sometimes family members die due to the negligence of others. This can occur in motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, work accidents, and slip and falls, just to name a few.


An unexpected death in the family could have a dramatic impact emotionally and financially on the family left behind, especially if the family relied on the deceased wages as the main household income. Fortunately, there are compensation laws set up to ensure families are entitled to compensation when this occurs. These laws help claim back things like funeral expenses, lost income, loss of dependency and any medical expenses between injury and death.


The claim process usually involves an immediate family member, but in some situations, a dependent or distant family member can make a claim.  


Wrongful death claims are very complex, and we recommend obtaining legal advice. The team here at The Accident lawyers understand how difficult this time is for the family members of the deceased. We are experienced in this area of law and can assure you we will get the best possible outcome for you while making the process as easy as possible. Contact our Edmonton wrongful death lawyer or our Calgary wrongful death lawyer to discuss your claim. 


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