Tips for getting maximum compensation after a car accident

Car accidents are very common throughout Alberta. If you have been involved in a car accident and sustained an injury, then you might be entitled to some form of compensation. To help we have put together a list of tips, to ensure you get the maximum settlement claim you are entitled to.

File a police report

If the police did not attend the scene of the accident, you will need to file a police report at your local police station. The police will investigate the accident and give a report number. This is one of the most important pieces of evidence that you will need when claiming compensation.

Get legal assistance

Making a compensation claim can be a very difficult process to understand. It is possible to do it without any legal training. However, there are some situations when we highly recommend legal assistance. They are,

  1. You have serious injuries, and your claim is beyond a few thousand dollars,
  2. You are seeking future damages,
  3. There is a dispute about liability,
  4. You are going to court because you can’t reach an agreement.

If you do not seek legal assistance during these situations, it is very likely mistakes could be made that will have a significant impact on your financial compensation.

Gather medical records

Throughout your medical treatment, you will be given many medical reports, documents and bills. It is very important to make a file and keep them all together. They will be used to prove the injuries you sustained and the treatment that was required following the accident.

Do not use social media

During the investigation process, insurance companies may review your social media accounts. You should avoid posting photos or anything about your injury or accident. Something as simple as a photo while you are off work due to your injury could be used to say your injury was not serious, ultimately lowering your financial compensation.

Be careful making statements

During the investigation process, the other party’s insurance company will contact you to get a statement. Before making any statement, we highly recommend seeking legal advice. All statements made to insurance companies will be recorded. So, it is important you do not make any mistakes, that could see partial or whole fault transferred to you.

Do not accept an immediate settlement offer

It is very common for insurance adjusters to start the negotiation at a low amount. This tactic is used to try and find out whether you understand your claim and how much it is worth. They also know you may be suffering financial hardship due to time off work and need the money fast. If you take an early settlement, you will waive the right to take any legal action in the future.

We always recommend seeking legal advice when negotiating with insurance adjusters.

Our team is highly skilled in the negotiation process and will ensure you get the maximum financial compensation.

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